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Independent, unbiased
and transparent

financial planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning for All Stages of your Financial Life

                                                                                                                                                                                Natural Bridges Financial Advisors specializes in working with you in a way that supports every aspect of your financial life.

In some cases, a client will approach us for a single visit Financial Review.  We offer this service on a case by case basis if we feel our services can meet the needs of the client's situation. Two common situations for this type of review are the Retirement Readiness Review and the Home Purchase Financial Review.

Our Process includes investment management, tax preparation and ongoing reviews of insurance, estate planning, retirement and education planning as well as ongoing detailed tax planning strategies. 

Our Annual Retainer Model allows us to focus on our your changing financial goals and needs. 

Our Limited Engagement Model is a less extensive financial planning offering for clients who have less complex situations and do not need ongoing planning assistance, but seek a one time or limited ongoing financial review.

A truly Comprehensive Approach allows us to take time to focus on education, detailed risk analysis, and household budgeting all of which connect to the unique and clearly defined goals of each individual client. Our expertise in tax planning and tax preparation gives a unique edge towards minimizing taxes and building wealth.