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My Three Words for 2020 Thumbnail

My Three Words for 2020

If you hate New Year's Resolutions, this might be a fun thing to try instead: My Three Words.

The idea is simple. Pick three words that will guide your actions and decisions over the course of the year. They can be any three words, but keep it simple to start. Here are mine for 2020: 

  1. Relationships
  2. Community
  3. Joy

So if, say, I get invited to lunch, I ask myself: Will it strengthen a relationship? Will it help build community? Does it give me joy?

I picked these three words specifically because I've been struggling in those areas. As an introvert, I have a hard time meeting new friends and growing those relationships. And with a toddler around, it's sometimes hard to remember to appreciate my husband or even manage to go on a date night. So I need a push to get myself to make those things a priority. Similarly, I want to spend more time volunteering and getting to know my community more - this is for my daughter as much as for myself. Last, I want to take joy in the small things - a fancy coffee, dancing Zumba in the living room, repotting my bonsai trees - to remind myself that life is more than a list of obligations and routines.

None of this is revolutionary, but by framing every decision I make in these terms, I'm slowly getting better. And I'm more confident that each choice I make is focused on my highest priorities.

If you've been feeling overwhelmed or pulled in different directions, something as simple as picking three guideposts can help a lot. January 1st is just a day like any other, and many people roll their eyes at New Year resolutions. But hey, every day is a chance to start fresh, to keep growing as a person, to clarify your values and live them in your everyday life. New Year's is just a good excuse to get around to doing that.