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Financial Planning in Santa Cruz

In Santa Cruz, we do things differently. We believe that success is a life experience, not just a number on a bank statement, and we think your financial plan should reflect those values. We know that you don't just want a financial advisor - you want the best financial advisor for you.

Life Planning

Our planning starts from the premise that money is a tool, not a goal. The real goal is to move you closer to your ideal life, whatever that may be. Our job is to make your money grow and keep it safe, by investing properly and minimizing your taxes. Your job is to use that money to enrich your life. Sailboat racing?  College for the kids? Early retirement? It's your life and your priorities that drive our planning. 

Try out our Return on Life survey to see where you rank in three areas of life: Wellbeing, Progress, and Freedom. We take our clients through this exercise to get a starting point and help clarify their priorities for the future. This is what we want for all our clients: Learn how to live the best life possible with the money you have!


We're not going to day-trade stocks to try to beat the markets by an extra fraction of a percent. Our investments are low-cost index funds with no hidden fees. Because we think investing should be like watching paint dry: predictable and boring (but with beautiful results!) And while your money is busy making more of itself, you're out making more of your life. 


Okay, so we don't get that weird with taxes. (The IRS doesn't really like that.) But we do spend oodles of time on tax planning. As soon as you decide to sell your house, go back to school, or quit your job to become a basket weaver, we're instantly on top of your new tax plan, figuring out just how much we can deduct in basket weaving supplies on your Schedule C.  Our love of esoteric tax law makes us total weirdos, even by Santa Cruz standards.

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Let's make your finances as awesome as the rest of your life. Just tell us what you need: