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Life planners. Tax planners. We do it all.

There are different kinds of financial advisors, and we think you should interview around to find someone who's the best fit for you. So why should you hire us? 

Who We Are

We are life planners. When we meet with you, we want to know you as a person, not just as a set of numbers. Our advice will always be tailored toward your goals and priorities. We don't do cookie-cutter financial plans, because we know that not everyone has the same path to walk. Click here to learn more about the kind of financial life planning we do.

We are a tax focused firm. Chris is a CPA as well as a CFP, which makes him uniquely experienced in the area of tax planning and preparation. Many financial planning firms don't offer tax services, but we think it's a critical part of financial planning. Even if you hire another CPA to do your actual tax return, we will build your financial plan with an eye towards your tax situation, and every decision we advise on will be analyzed through the lens of your specific tax circumstances.

We are fee-only. That's how we get paid: no kickbacks, no commissions, and no hidden costs. We don't charge a percentage of assets, just one flat fee. We think that's the best way for you to know exactly how much you're paying for our advice. 

We are fiduciaries. The term "financial advisor" isn't regulated, so you want to make sure that when you hire a planner, they have their CFP certification - this is the certification that is nationally recognized as the professional designation for advisors. This designation also means that we are fiduciaries. Legally and ethically, we must work in your best interest at all times. 

Who We're Not

We're not just investment managers. A lot of people think that financial planners are the same thing as investment managers, and many firms focus almost entirely on how to invest your assets. At Natural Bridges, we think that investments are only a piece of the puzzle, and we spend much more time with you working on other aspects of your financial life and developing a full life plan.

We aren't hourly advisors. We think financial planning is most effective if we can plan out over the course of years. If you are looking for someone to work on an hourly basis, we would recommend checking the Garrett Network. 

We're not a big bank. We are an independently-owned, local firm. We don't sell products or wear suits and ties to the office. We won't ever offer you high-fee or commission-based load funds. We have access to the same planning software and investment choices that the big banks do, but the fanciest thing about our office is Chris's fizzy soda water. 

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Let's get to know each other a bit better. What are you looking for?