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NBFA December Update Thumbnail

NBFA December Update

This past month, the whole NBFA team headed down to San Diego for the ACP (Association of Comprehensive Planners) conference. Everybody welcomed Chris as the upcoming president of ACP!


We got to meet some really cool people, including our ACP mentors and Chris’s brain trust of advisors that he meets with regularly. In fact, Anabel and Moana met everyone the first day since we were volunteering at the conference registration table:

Some other highlights from San Diego:

  • Meeting Mitch Anthony, the guy who created the Return on Life index
  • Leaning about impostor syndrome from Dr. Valerie Young; watch her TED talk here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7v-GG3SEWQ)
  • Meeting the “G2” team of young advisors over beer and fish tacos
  • Dancing a Soul Train line with a bunch of financial planners during karaoke night

It was a fantastic week. What could be better than learning about bond ladders? Learning about bond ladders and then going on water slides, that’s what. We can’t wait to go again next year!